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4:42pm 04-15-2015
Jackie Gregory Frush
The South Park High School 100th Anniversary Mass Reunion is scheduled for October 3, 2015 at the Holiday Inn-Walden Road, Beaumont, Texas. Hours: 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Costs: $45.00 per person if paid before September 30th; $55.00 thereafter. Request a registration form from [email protected]

Blocked rooms at the Holiday Inn - $89.00 per night.
Live Band (former Greenies)
Food: Finger Foods, no full meal
Beverages: Keg, Margarita machine, Wine; Cash Bar; ice tea, water and coffee.
Dress: Casual.
6:26pm 04-03-2015
Alfred Moyer
I have just discovered your website and found it to be a wealth of information. I share many of the photos with you.
Would love to exchange family pictures. ( i have been trying to restore my Father's photos for years).
5:46pm 02-05-2015
Vonette J Curtis
Another DNA to Oglesby
Conniegene1 1st generation
Parents: Conrad Eugene Lehfeldt and Loy Ellis Oglesby
Grandparents: Herbert Oglesby and Minnie Lucinda Breech
G-grandparents: Sidney Barnes Oglesby and Nancy Jane Thomas
GG grandparents: William Anderson Oglesby-Eliza Warfood
GGG grandparents: David Oglesby and Jane Barnett
GGGG grandparents: Jesse Oglesby and Celiz Witt
GGGGGgrandparents: Captain Jacob J Oglesby and Ann Bailey *This is where I connect to her!
3:19pm 05-02-2012
Judy Sinclair
Miriam you are an angel on this earth. I so enjoyed out phone call, it meant sooooo....much to me. Plz. tell Roger he is in my prayers. Love ya, Judy
3:16pm 05-02-2012
Judy Carol Sinclair
I am desparetely trying to find out thie exact yr. my Father:Harless G. Sinclair graduated fromSPHS. I'm wanting to donate the money to so. Anyone w/ this correct info. plz. e-mail me. He grduated w/ David White & Stewert Hurst (his closest friends. Love Judy His daugher
7:23am 05-12-2011
Susan Bell
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7:11pm 04-26-2011
Miriam Cade Nichol
WinstonHamby(53) wrote article in BeaumontSunday paper about South Park. If you can not get paper here is his blog. Winston use now how to tell it like it is.
7:09pm 04-26-2011
Miriam Cade Nichol
New Hours areSPHSHA Building is Tuesday,Thursday and Sat. from 12 to 3.We have coffee cups now and Mugs will be here in about a week.
8:58am 03-04-2011
Miriam Cade Nichol
Reminding everyone we have T-Shirts and Caps at Heritage Building at 505 W.Florida(Corner of Highland and Florida).The Heritage ,Building is opened TuesdayThursday from 10 to 2 and Saturday from 12 to 3.
4:36pm 03-03-2011
3 Mar 2011
UPDATED page -- now our vitual scrapbook of tribute and a record of our fight to save the school; also tribute to the neighborhood.

The GALLERY and GENEALOGY tables have been moved to a different server. They should still be found by previous URLS. But in case there is any difficulty: gallery is now at and my complete genealogy TNG file is at

HOME PAGE is still the same
duplicated at as well as

NEW PHOTOS added to GALLERY - all pictures/albums were moved to the new server, but new additions of folder that have been added are:
my pet cats
and "graphics" folder was also added.
10:53pm 05-05-2010
05 May 2010 10:32 p
ADDED Pictures of demolition have been added to the Demolition Album and are in chronological order. For most recent, go to the last page and work backwards.
Pictures taken 5/3/10 start in middle of page 6 and continuing to Page 7

Pictures taken 5/5/10 are in two parts - first set was taken abt 10:30 a.m. I went back in the afternoon about 4:30 and took another set which starts at bottom of Page 7 and continues to Page 8

Future pictures will be sequentially added to this album. So, check back for the latest. I'm trying to go every day till it's done...
2:52pm 04-25-2010
25 Apr 2:46 p
CHANGED: Category in Pre-Demolition Phase "Trial" changed to "Trial for Permanent Injunction."

ADDED: Page "Trial for Permanent Injunction - Ruling" added to "Trial" page

ADDED: Additional pictures taken Friday, Apr 23rd 2010 - gym has been torn down and auditorium seats tossed out busted out window of auditorium
ADDED Demolition pictures added 4/29/10. Happened to catch a photo of the graffiti wall in the backstage area of the auditorium before it was torn down. Photos continue on to page 6 in above link.
3:57pm 04-14-2010
14 Apr 2010 3:53 pm
Added to Commentary/Opinions Page -- Letters to the Editor published from January to April 2, 2010 have been added. If I missed yours and you have a copy, please send it so it can be included.

(edited 4/15/10 1:09 p.m.)
ADDED - expanded Motion to Modify page to two pages
(Motion to Modify pg is found in Pre-Demolition Phase section)

ADDED - pictures added to the gallery taken on 4/15/10.
11:43am 06-23-2010
April 12, 2010
Added: New section: Demolition - contains media coverage and pictures since April 2nd, start of demolition. also includes Pep Rally on April 10.

New Photo Album added -- "Demolition" - includes pictures by yours truly and an album containing pictures submitted by others
-Sub Album of the Greenie Pep Rally (pictures of the Pep Rally
compliments of Miriam Cade Nichol and Sharon Voss) ( Direct path to album: >"Beaumont, Texas South Park" > "Save South Park">" Demolition" and Greenie Pep Rally)
-- note: if anyone has pictures they want to share with -- please email them to me. I'll be glad to add them to the site.
- also added album "Walk Around 3-13-2010" I went around the school that Saturday and took several pics. Maybe the last ones before they began destruction.

Section name change: what was called "Demolition Phase" is now "Pre-Demolition."
- Added Page "Motion to Modify" to this section. Covers the last minute appeal on March 31 and April 1.
- Combined and redesigned two pages of what was "Letters/Articles" and "News/Commentary Clippings" into one page, "Commentary/Opinions by Media, Greenies and Concerned Citizens"
(I have several letters to the editor from earlier in the year that will be added here -- soon.
- Sub Section "Trial" in "Pre-Demolition" will be updated soon, as well

Home Page Changes:
- Added - Scrolling banner at top requesting BISD Voters sign and mail in petition to reorganize BISD board. Emphasized section where petition can be downloaded.
- Added order form for SP caps
- Removed "How you can Help"
section requesting donations to Heritage Soc specific to SP for now.
That's it for now.
9:13pm 12-23-2009
Dec 23, 09 9:12 p.m.
Added to History Page:
"From South Park Green to the Blue of Law Enforcement"
by Jane Hebert (large pdf file)

Added to Trial Page:
South Park Decision could come this week
(Beaumont Enterprise online with comments) (Dec 21)

SPEAK UP: Do you look forward to a judge's
ruling on the South Park school dispute
(Beaumont Enterprise online with comments) (Dec 21)

Judge working hard on South Park school case
(KFDM-TV Channel 6) (Dec 22)

Added to Home Page:
South Park caps now available.
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