11:58am 08-13-2009
13 Aug 12:00 noon
NEW FEATURE: How You Can Help!
(front page, left and right columns, right below buttons)
2:37am 08-11-2009
11 Aug 09 2:37 a.m
ADDED - media and video coverage of the special meeting held Monday night where the board voted to appeal. I started a new page, Ruling-Page 2, rather than continuing on and on with the Ruling Page. Link to it from the front page where it says:
or there's a link at the bottom of the Ruling page saying "continued on Ruling-Page 2" that takes you to it.

ADDED: Videos from news coverage last Friday when the board was stopped from having their meeting Fri night. On the Ruling page (page 1) under Aug 7th.
(there is also a link on Ruling Page 2 that will take you back to Ruling Page 1)
5:01pm 08-10-2009
10 Aug 09 5:00 p.m.
NEW FEATURE: Site search box, front page, center column, close to the bottom. (not sure how well this will work, but we'll give it a try.)

BROUGHT FORWARD: T-Shirt sale now featured on front page (under Petition notice). Also still in its original position on the pre-bond phase page.

ADDED to Pep Rally Page (under DemoPhase button, the Pep rally) - video by Jacqui Magee of a few band members gathered in the band hall and remember! It's really great!

ADDED to Ruling page under Aug 3 - video of Genie Balliew Browning, Jack Lawrence, and Phyllis Pelt responding to the ruling.

ADDED to Ruling page under Aug 4: Article that I missed that day posted online by Southeast Texas Report.

ADDED to Ruling page: under Aug 7: The Examiner Article "BISD Lied" from the Examiner Aug 7-13 paper

ADDED to Ruling page: today's announcements of upcoming BISD meeting tonight.

Will be posting reports of the meeting tonight!! Keep visiting What's New for postings and/or watch for email announcement.
12:29pm 08-09-2009
9 Aug 09 12:29 p.m.
ADDED: Three opinion articles in today's paper, one by Christopher Clausen, one the paper's editor, and one by Jerry White, added to Ruling page
7:23pm 08-07-2009
7 Aug 09 7:23 p.m.
Added: The pamphlet published by the Chamber of Commerce where BISD stated clearly that our school would not be demolished! Posted to the Bond Proposal Page, which I also redid by adding several Bond proposal publications. (found in Pre-Bond Phase, then Bond Proprosal button)

Added Also, on Pre-Bond, as a little housecleaning, there is now a pdf format of Parsons Engineering study, along with the individual pages in jpg format. Look under the Engineering Study button.

Added: List of upcoming IMPORTANT MEETINGS to the SP homepage

Added: Today's news and blogs related to the Ruling page.
(also added to yesterday's news on same page about BISD supporters gathering at admin bldg)

Added: Enterprise article from paper about BISD selling SP memorabilia
(posted to Demolition Phase, follow link about the sale)

Added: Letter to the editor in today's paper, Greenies want to avoid big erasert; by James Robbins. (posted to the Post Bond Election Phase, then section, Letters/Articles, last one)
4:31pm 08-06-2009
6 Aug 2009 4:30 p.m.
Administration Building, Board Room
3395 Harrison Avenue



4:27pm 08-06-2009
6 Aug 2009 4:27 p.m.
i.e. doorknobs, auditorium seats, light covers, bricks!!! See their site here:
This is completely Outrageous!!!

Can also be found on our Demolition Phase page
2:08pm 08-06-2009
6 Aug 2:04 p.m.
UPDATE Judge Wortham ordered that BISD enter into arbitration with SP by Sept 6

UPDATE ON URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT WE WON! Judge Shuffield ruled that BISD was not within legal rights to hold their emergency meeting. NO MEETING TONIGHT!!

Please watch the Ruling page for updated news items.

TRO (temporary restraining order) was obtained by Jerry Jordan at the Examiner to stop BISD's illegal emergency meeting scheduled for tonight at 7:00. TRO was issued by Judge Shuffield.

BISD is having an emergency hearing at 2:30 today, (Thurs. Aug 6) in Judge Shuffield's court to try to overturn the restraining order.
11:34pm 08-05-2009
5 Aug 2009 11:35 p.m
ANNOUNCEMENT: Special School Board Meeting Thursday, Aug 6, at 7:00 p.m. at the Admin Bldg Board Room, 3395 Harrison Ave to discuss whether they should appeal the Ruling. PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND!

ANNOUNCEMENT: If you relied on the pamphlet paid for by the Chamber of Commerce and voted for the bond based on the representation that South Park would not be torn down and will be willing to testify, like Jerry White did during the Hearing, and had you known that South Park would be scheduled to be torn down, you would never have voted for the bond -- then please send your name and phone number to Mike Getz' office or me ( and I will forward it to him.

UPDATED: August 5 morning paper articles/Opinions. Also announcement of Special Board Meeting. Also another bold blog by Mr. Klein called "Liar" -- great stuff, including, he said, " other fun fact. It was learned that not only were they going to tear down Southpark - but they were going to rename the school." Also included Mr. Klein's breaking story of the BISD Police Officer showing up in Nederland. See You might want to bookmark his blog if you haven't already.
1:47am 08-04-2009
4 Aug 1:47 a.m.
ANNOUNCEMENT: As we all know -- WE WON! We've won an extension on the Restraining Order. Now we must ready ourselves for trial, Sep 21st in hopes of obtaining a permanent Restraining Order!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Meeting is being planned before the next school board meeting (third Thursday of month) (August 20) to be held on Saturday, August 15 at 2:00 p.m. at St. Paul's United Methodist Church on Woodrow. Please pass the word on about meeting, and try to make plans to attend.

NEW PAGE ADDED: "Ruling" Contains news articles and videos coverage of our victory today. Includes the actual, complete Ruling by Judge Wortham. Also includes the Interview with Mike Getz by Channel 2 in the 9:00 pm. newscast. Access from SaveSouthPark homepage, or from Demolition Phase, then Ruling tab.

ADDED: Guest Article that was in the paper on Aug 1. It did NOT appear online. Written by Rev Orveal Wright, "Current, not former, residents should control South Park. This absolutely reinforces the racial motivations of wanting our school gone. This man blatantly says They outnumber us -- we should go away now. You need to read it if you haven't.

ADDED: Another bold and honest article by Mr. Klein at Southeast Texas Political Review. Wonderful counterbalance to the preceding article. Named simply "Racism.

Both of these are found by going to Demo Phase, then News/Commentary Clippings. Last two items added.
2:09am 08-01-2009
1 Aug 09 2:04 p.m.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Hearing is concluded. Judge Wortham will make his ruling Monday (Aug 3). Mike did an absolutely fabulous job of presenting a strong case against BISD. We just have to hope the judge thought so, too.

UPDATED News Coverage and Videos of TV broadcasts of Day4 (Jul31), last day of the TRO hearing added. See "Reports Here" at the main page or they can be reached by going to Demolition Phase, then "Temporary Restraining Order Hearing."
2:04am 07-31-2009
31 Jul 09 2:03 a.m.
ANNOUNCEMENT: 4th and final day of hearing to be held today, Friday, Jul 31, to commence between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND!

UPDATED: News Coverage and Videos of TV broadcasts of Day3 (Jul30) of the TRO hearing added. Also added Pictures. Linked from home page at "Reports Here" or can be reached by going to Demolition Phase, then "Temporary Restraining Order Hearing."
1:13am 07-30-2009
30 Jul 09 1:13 a.m.
UPDATED: News Coverage and Videos of TV broadcasts of Day 2 (Jul 29) of the TRO hearing added. Linked from home page at "Reports Here" or can be reached by going to Demolition Phase, then "Temporary Restraining Order Hearing."

Court resumes Thursday at 9:40 a.m.
3:12am 07-29-2009
29 Jul 09 3:10 a.m.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Hearing continues Wed Jul 29 at 9:30 a.m.

ADDED: Collection of news reports & videos on Day 1 of the TRO Hearing (Jul 28). Linked from home page.

RESTRUCTURED: Injunction phases divided into separate pages, each with a corresponding new button added on the Demolition Phase Page: "Injunction Sought," "Injunction Granted" and "Temporary Restraining Order Hearing."
11:02am 07-21-2009
21 Jul 09 10:54 a.m.
ADDED: Two great Videos made by Jacqui Magee at the Pep Rally (if you received a mailer earlier about these videos, the Fight Song/Sch Song video now posted is a newer version than the one sent out.) (To view, go to Demo Phase, then to Pep Rally. )

Note: Changed name of page/button from "Saying Good-bye Pep Rally" to "Pep Pally." It turned out to be our rally to fight another day!!

ADDED: Three letters to the editor published yesterday (Mon. 20th): from James Ellis, Evangeline George, and Patricia Cade Nolan. (to view, go to Post Bond pg, then Letters/Articles)
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