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1:32am 07-15-2009
15 Jul 2009 1:32 am
ANNOUNCEMENT - Front Page -- South Park High School Heritage Association meeting
July 19, 2009, 2:30 St. Paul's

ADDED: Letters to the editor, from Patrice Kihlken, Jeffrey Wood, Gloria Russell, and Margaret Dennis. Click on Post Bond Phase button, then Letters/Articles

ADDED to the South Park School History Page (left column, History button)
pic of trade school bldg (supplied by Miriam)
pic of home ec bldg and SPHS under construction, plus list of sch bonds up thru '72. Items from Ray Asbury's book and supplied by Debra Pearson.
Also added links to archived articles from Houston Chronicle, dated from '86 and '93. Really interesting stuff! Thanks to Debra for finding them for us.
4:38pm 07-14-2009
14 Jul 2009 4:37 p.m
NEW FEATURE: - Front Page Center, right under the Fight Song.
Moving, beautiful poem of tribute to our School written by our very own extremely talented Lou Bodden Buxton. "Speak for Me." MUST READ!!!

(from main page to Demolition Phase button to New/Commentary button)

July 12, 2009 - Guest Column by Michael Getz, Beaumont Enterprise
Greenies aren't the only ones who care about South Park
Also added to the Injunction Granted page!

July 13, 2009 - KFDM Channel 6
Sheriff's Office launches South Park tampering investigation

July 14, 2009 - The Southeast Texas Bayou (Beaumont Enterprise Blog)
Delay of game: South Park trial pushed back, tampering allegations surface

NOTICE: The Injunction has now been officially passed from 138th Judicial District to the 58th Judicial District. So, 58th, Judge Wortham, will be hearing our cause. Hearing is scheduled for July 28th.
10:19pm 07-12-2009
12 Jul 2009 10:19 pm
ADDED: New Page -- "A Look at the Now Infamous Town Hall Meeting."
Click on Demolition Phase button; then click on the new button "Infamous Town Hall Meeting."
I think you'll find it an interesting look at that meeting that BISD claims validated their position to destroy our building.
2:32am 07-12-2009
12 Jul 2009 2:31 a.m
ADDED: Series of pictures of the practice field -- what USED to be the practice field. It's now FULL of PORTABLES! Click on Demolition Phase button; then click on the new button "Portable City Devours Practice Field (PIcs)

ADDED: The Case of the MIssing Historical Marker -- new page with new button. Click on Demolition Phase button, then click on the new "The Case of the Missing Historical Marker"

NOTICE! NOTICE! Hearing scheduled for Tuesday, July 14, VERY LIKELY to be rescheduled for July 28. So, heads up on this one if you have been planning to go. Will post a definite date Monday. Hopefully the media will announce it, as well.
11:01pm 07-09-2009
9 Jul 11:00 p.m.
UPDATED: South Park Main page and Demo Page with the updated demo schedule as posted on BISD website. Also, added the notation from 3D/I page of "save as much as possible."
9:04pm 07-09-2009
9 Jul 2009 9:00 p.m.
ADDED: Original "Greenie Fight Never Dies" poem added. Front page, center, link to special page right under the picture and historical marker links.

ADDED: New Page of News/Commentary Clippings, contains printed news, website news and commentary, as well as reader comments to those items. Also, includes the letter that was shared with us from the Historical Commission to the BISD. Page is found by going to Demolition Phase and then to News/Commentary button. (some of these links are duplicated on the Injunction Granted page).

ADDED: Button created for the Saying Good-bye Pep Rally - leads to the same "Saying Good-bye" page as before, just a little attempt at a spruce-up. Found in the Demolition Phase
4:05pm 07-03-2009
3 Jul 2009 4:05 p.m.
UPDATED Savesouthpark home page regarding INJUNCTION GRANTED with link to new page
ADDED -- New Page about the injunction being planned and granted, contains various news reports, videos, a couple of pictures. More will undoubtedly be posted later as this is still breaking.
DEMOLITION PHASE CATEGORY -- updated page reflecting our new status
9:18pm 06-27-2009
27 Jun 09, 9:18 p.m.
POST-BOND PHASE - Letters/Articles - Letter to Editor in today's paper by Marsha Andrepont-Hobbs
SAYING GOOD-BYE page -- Lots of additional pictures from Pep Rally from Miriam Cade Nichol
also SAYING GOOD-BYE page - YOU TUBE added of Channel 6 broadcast of the pep rally held on June 6th/
5:16pm 06-25-2009
25 Jun 09 5:16 p.m.
Demo could be as early as 2nd week in July.

Historical Commission Page brought forward to POST-BOND ELECTION PHASE page, and recent correspondence with Texas HC and East Texas HC with Debra Pearson posted there. Interesting!
11:53pm 06-24-2009
24-Jun-09, 11:49 pm
WHAT'S NEW has a NEW look and new url because of "technical difficulties" with the previous host. All past messages have been transferred into this new site.
11:34pm 06-24-2009
22 Jun 2009
Added 22 Jun 2009 (due to technical difficulties, not announced in What's New)

1. Post Bond Phase - Letter to Editor by Don Wade - Must Read! click on Post Bond Phase, Letters/Articles, last post

2. South Park History - last link: Last Class of South Park High School, Class of '86 Graduation Program, lists last graduates from SPHS. Donated to us by Stacy Leonard (Blankenship)

3. Alice Keith Park (The Beginning of the End) - New pics of drive around Alice Keith Park. "Progress" is coming along. (New pictures added at bottom of the Gallery, so end of Page 1, and then Page 2.)

Ability to leave and read comments in Gallery where all pictures are stored.
If you haven't visited yet, the Gallery contains lots of pics from around Beaumont, SP schools and neighborhood, and surrounding areas predominantly in Southeast Texas
To view the entire gallery, go to Photography link at bottom of page, then to "Sherry's Gallery" or directly to
Comments will be moderated as that's the only way to get notification that a comment was left. So it won't show up immediately.
11:19pm 06-24-2009
21-Jun-09, 3:21 am
1. Update on Demolition - front page
2. Post Bond Phase - Letters - Three great letters to the editor, by Carolyn Gaston, Maudie Henderson, and Ginger Wood
3. Post Bond Phase - Criticisms - Outstanding speech delivered by Miriam to Sch Brd - KUDOS, Miriam!
4. SP History Page (last link) 1986 Last Class of South Park High School Picture donated by Stacy Leonard (Blankenship) (School Mascot 84-85 and 85-86)
a Priceless addition to our site!
5. Saying Good-Bye Page - Additional pictures from Sharon Voss of the school. Some great shots! (link to her pictures) Thanks, Sharon!
11:15pm 06-24-2009
15-Jun-09, 2:42 am
Added 52 pics of peprally and school interior/exterior, submitted by Sharon Voss,
"Saying Good-Bye" page

Added letter to Editor by Virginia Hurley
"Post Bond Phase,"

Added Guest Column by Winston Hamby
"Saying Good-bye" page
as well as
"Post Bond" - Letters/Articles
11:13pm 06-24-2009
11-Jun-09, 9:13 pm
ADDED-Peprally pics & Guest Column
"Saying Good-bye" page -pictures contributed by Jack Lawrence

Post Bond Election Phase
Letters/Articles - Guest Column in Bmt Ent, 6/11 by Debra Pearson
11:11pm 06-24-2009
07-Jun-09, 6:08 pm
Pictures added to "Saying Good-Bye" Page
Added pictures contributed by Sharon Stephen Siebern
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